We’re looking for Oral History Victoria members who would like to join our committee after the AGM in October 2016.
When I agreed two years ago to serve as President of Oral History Victoria, we decided to reinvigorate the committee. I’ve been delighted to welcome a host of new faces, as well as experienced hands, who have worked hard and effectively to rejuvenate oral history in Victoria.
Several committee members have now decided to move onto other challenges. I have agreed to nominate for another term as President. We are keen to encourage new people to join our committee. We meet every two months in the RHVS office in central Melbourne. We share the workload, with roles including coordinating the website, social media, running events, editing Rewind, membership secretary; (and we’re looking for a new Treasurer). It is not onerous, and it’s a fun group to work with and from which to learn more about oral history.
If you are interested in joining the committee please do contact me
Email Alistair.thomson@monash.edu, phone 0452-221589.