Want to apply for a grant but you’re not eligible because you aren’t incorporated? OHV can help!

Individuals and unincorporated groups, associations and cooperatives, are usually ineligible to receive government grants. A solution to this is to have an eligible organisation, such as OHV, act as an auspice.

In this capacity, a grant application can be made under OHV as an auspice, and grant monies would be managed on your behalf.

OHV has decided to trial this service to its members in response to recent approaches by members who would be otherwise ineligible.

If you would like OHV to consider acting as an auspice for you or your organization, please write to us at contact.oralhistoryvictoria@gmail.com a minimum of 4 weeks before the closing date, providing full details of the intended grant opportunity and a near-complete draft of the application.