Presentation during the OHV symposium

Our annual Oral History Victoria Symposium, held on 29 July 2018, has inspired a special edition of the Oral History Australia (OHA) journal.

OHA Journal editor Dr Sue Anderson recently announced that the 2019 issue of the journal would be dedicated to the same theme as that explored at our symposium – ‘Oral History and the Emotions’.

A call for papers was issued with submission for peer-reviewed articles required by 31 March 2019. Find out more about the the call for papers on the Oral History Australia website.

The 2018 OHV symposium was well attended after attracting a strong field of speakers including:

  1. Keynote speaker Katie Holmes, ‘Recording emotions in the Australian Generations Oral History Project’
  2. Annabelle Baldwin, ‘And What happened next?’ Revelations of sexual violence in Holocaust testimonies
  3. Portia Dilena, Listening against the grain
  4. Geraldine Fela, ‘I felt like nurse death’: Australian nurses and the AIDS crisis
  5. Miranda Francis, What emotion do mothers leave out when they tell their stories?
  6. Francesco Ricatti, Embodying phantasmatic memories of migration: a case study
  7. Jordana Silverstein, ‘He died on my watch’: Oral histories of Australian policy-making for child refugees
  8. Al Thomson, Indexing Emotion: Joy and shame in oral history
  9. 5-minute lightning presentation: Matthew Davis, Melbourne’s Living Museum of the West. 

Read more about the symposium.

Speakers at the OHV 2018 symposium

Speakers at the OHV 2018 symposium