Oral History Victoria

Oral History Victoria, the State branch of Oral History Australia, exists to promote oral history practice and understanding. OHV is run by an elected committee. We are represented on the national OHA executive committee, which is responsible for biennial national conferences and the annual Oral History Australia journal. The OHV committee is a voluntary organisation. We organise a yearly calendar of events which includes training workshops, OHV Innovation Awards, Rewind newsletter for members and this website, containing current national and international oral history content.


President: Alistair Thomson is Professor of History at Monash University and was previously President of the International Oral History Association (2006-08); and Professor of Oral History at the University of Sussex. His oral history books include Anzac Memories (1994 and 2013), The Oral History Reader (1998, 2006, 2015 with Rob Perks), Ten Pound Poms (2006 with Jim Hammerton), Moving Stories (2011) and Oral History and Photography (2011 with Alex Freund). Al was Project Leader for the Australian Generations Oral History Project (a National Library of Australia, ABC Radio National and university partnership). Further details at http://profiles.arts.monash.edu.au/alistair-thomson/

Vice President: Susan Faine is a consulting historian, curator and collection manager. Interested in the lives of ordinary people, Susan has worked in community museums and on community heritage projects most of her professional life. She is interested in intangible heritage and material culture, and how the two can be used together to give us insights into all sorts of aspects of our social history and culture.

Secretary: Ken Berryman was the first Melbourne manager appointed by the National Film and Sound Archive and was also responsible for producing a number of its regional archival video compilations. He was manager of the Archive’s Oral History Program for 10 years and, as a freelance interviewer, continues to record commissioned interviews for this Program by arrangement.

Treasurer: Jodie Boyd holds a PhD in history from Deakin University. She is a volunteer interviewer for the Young Christian Workers Oral History Project, and was a research assistant to the Australian Generations Oral History Project. She has published in the areas of political and economic history as well as in oral history. She was formerly Collections Manager and Volunteer Co-ordinator at the Royal Historical Society of Victoria.

Committee Members:

Rewind Editor: Halina Nowicka has intermittently interviewed people in Indonesia who had spent time in the Dutch colonial political prisoner camp at Boven Digul in West Papua before World War 2. Currently chairman of the Museum of Indonesian Arts she hopes to inaugurate a collection of oral history recordings with people who have connections with Indonesia.

Event Program Co-ordinator (joint): Katrina Lolicato is a PhD Candidate in Cultural and Museum Studies at Deakin University. She is also a managing director of The Foundling Archive, an organization that uses a collection of lost and found personal items, oral history and everyday objects to develop exhibitions, publications and public projects that relate to Australia’s social history and cultural development. Her love of personal testimony and the meanings of personal objects stems from being raised in a family who placed great emphasis on sharing experience and of keeping the few photographs, documents and trinkets that had been collected and kept as family treasures through generations. This interest is reflected in both my research and my work.

Event Program Co-ordinator (joint): Rochelle Lade is a PhD candidate at Swinburne University undertaking an oral history of one of Melbourne’s finest community radio stations, PBSFM. Research interests include the interactions between the political, cultural and historical in community. Rochelle’s professional experience means that she brings over 10 years of event, marketing and project management experience to OHV.

Website administrator (joint): Carissa Goudey is a graduate of Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies from Deakin University. As a former student of oral history, she has a particular interest in the role that family photographs play in shaping memory. She currently works for Boroondara Public Library Service, and is a volunteer at the Gallery at Bayside Arts and Cultural Centre.

Website administrator (joint):  Jessica Ferrari is an experienced journalist and documentary maker who has been making film and television content for over fifteen years. She has produced stories for the ABC and National Geographic. She now runs Memento Media – a video production house that specialises in the celebration and preservation of stories, lives and oral history.

Membership co-ordinator: Marie Nunan has a degree in history and has been conducting oral history interviews for over 12 years. Her business Gift of a Lifetime produces substantial audio and video oral histories of individuals. Marie has also branched into business oral histories, ranging from family-owned SMEs including agricultural organisations and wineries, to large corporations. Gift of a Lifetime was a finalist in the 2016 Geelong Business Excellence Awards.

Our Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of our organisation are to:

  • promote ethical practice and methods of oral history
  • educate in the use of oral history methods
  • encourage discussions on all aspects of oral history
  • foster the preservation of oral history records
  • pursue common objectives and maintain links with other Australian oral history associations through membership of Oral History Australia Inc.
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